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Include the content of one note in another

Hello there.

Could it be possible to have a feature, I’m thinking as a plugin, that would allow to include the content of one note in another note :thinking:

Use case

  • In some Notebook I write a lot of notes referencing multiple other notes, url, pictures…
  • At the moment I create a “collection note” containing a collection of links definition, then I copy paste said note into other notes where I want to use the links.
  • I would like to be able to just add one line and include the content of this “collection note” into other notes.


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Just found this can be achieved a minima, with the use of templates: Templates - how to use?

However, if I’m not mistaken, if I change the template, this change won’t be reflected in the existing notes where I included it.

My request go further than the templates on two counts:

  1. By having a reference in the note, the content could be updated on rendering.
  2. By referencing a note, all the content is also synced across Joplin instances.

Any opinion ?

This is an interesting idea, but my first thought is that it would be a bit of a challenge to implement. Definitely interesting though.
That said Joplin uses the markdown format and I don’t see how this could be implemented without introducing more formatting (which would make this functionality non-portable). So I don’t see this being added to the core joplin, but it could make a very interesting plugin via the Joplin api

+1 for this feature!

It could work like using \input{file.tex} in LaTeX.

This would also massively help with separate to-do lists (e.g. one for work, one for private stuff etc.) by just including the content of different notes in one overview file.