New note inside markdown editor

is there a way to include a note in another note. I know that I can copy markdown link, but I am looking for something more dynamic. Maybe also if the page doesn’t exist then create it. ?
I love dynalist / workflowy way of documenting things, and I can get similar experience from joplin if I can somehow get above feature to work.

This seems like an interesting idea, but this feature rather describes a wiki (transcluding pages, links to non-existent pages).

You might be interested in Notion which seems to be a pretty popular editor that handles this sort of thing very well (apparently). Also theres another tool, coda that looks really interesting and also handles this style of document creation, but it’s more of a standard document/spreadsheet processor that can be tweaked to use as a note tool.

I’ve actually came to joplin from notion. also I tried coda. But I like joplin more since it is open source(im a programmer might contribute to the project sometime in the future) and free to use.

Understandable, I also use Joplin for similar reasons :slight_smile: . Implementing this feature may be your best route.