Importing notes from evernote version 2 (.enx format)

Hey there! Earlier I created a topic to get help with importing notes from evernote version 2 (Original topic) but it got closed, without me finding a solution. And now, few months later I found a solution for this and just wanted to share it, in case somebody has the same problem.

I found this reply from an evernote developer on the evernote foum, as well as his another reply with a link to other useful tools, including Evernote version 2 that runs on Windows 10.

Basically there is no way to import actual .enx file from old evernote to Joplin, but there is a way to covert old evernote database .enb to .enex, which can be imported to Joplin. Here is how i did it:

  1. Download from kvitekp
  2. Using EN2Export.exe convert evernote 2 database to evernote 6 database
  3. Using ENExport.exe convert evernote 6 database to .enex file
  4. Import .enex to Joplin

All the instructions of how to use the tools are in readme.txt in the zip file.

In my case the convertation proccess did not keep the categories from evernote, so I had to export needed categoris in .enx one by one, create new database, import needed category and do steps 2-4 and then repeat with the next category. Then import them to Joplin to different folders. This is a bit complicated, but this is what it takes to move 40.000 notes from a 16 year old program...