Can't import notes from evernote (.enx)

I have 51,000 notes in Evernote version 2 (yes I still use it, and it is a problem) and trying to move them to Joplin. I can only export them to .enx or .xml there is no option to export it as .enex. Somebody advised me to just try rename my notes.enx to notes.enex and obioulsy it didn't work, don't get any error, but Joplin doesn't export anything.

How could I export .enx to Joplin?

Why not upgrade to another version of Evernote and export as enex? Otherwise please share a .enx file, maybe it's similar enough to enex that we can make it work

Thank you for your answer.
Here is .enx file and a screenshot of sample notes it contains.
evernotes version2 example.enx (4.5 KB)

In my case I don't really have a possibility to update it or to use newer evernotes, so will have to find a way around.

Thank you for your help!

That's very interesting, I had no idea this format existed but unfortunately it's completely different from ENEX, so it won't be possible to make it work with the Joplin importer.

But searching around it seems there are ways to import these files into other apps, and probably from there you can then export them again and import them into Joplin.

This converter for OneNote for example:

Maybe a solution is to find some old version of OneNote and import them into it?

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