Evernote > Nixnote2 > ? > Joplin

I’m testing out Joplin as an Evernote replacement. So, I exported my Evernote data via Nixnote2 and found the export file is not compatible with Joplin as described in the documentation. (I’m using a Linux box)

See Import from Nixnote

I’m assuming Nixnote2 changed the export to their own format, so the feature request would be to adapt to this new file format so as to fix the export/import chain.

Before the mods here get on to you about this, it might be a good idea to keep this topic in its original post. With GSoC going on, the less duplicate topics here, the better. Thanks

I created a new topic for this new issue. The old topic is not about the new file format NixNote2 uses, it’s a how-to, not a bug report, and the old topic is linked to from the documentation so keeping that thread really clean is a good idea.

Feel free to override me, but that’s my reasoning.

Unless I am remiss, you can export from Evernote in ENEX format and import this into Joplin directly. I have done this in the past and it worked about as well as you could expect it to.

I even once did OneNote -> Evernote -> Joplin and it worked pretty OK.

You will need the Evernote desktop client to do this, as I think their web client can’t export or import ENEX AFAIK.