Importing a large Evernote DB

I have been using Evernote for 15 years. I detest v. 10 and have been using the Legacy version since v. 10 came out and they removed features that I use every day!

I have been looking for an Evernote replacement but importing my current Evernote DB into the replacements I have tried did not work.

I have a 2.2 GB Evernote file with over 10K notes. Those notes are in several hundred notebooks. Those notebooks are in 15 notebook "stacks"!

It was suggested in a topic called "After Evernote Export: How to restore original structure?" (sorry, I'm a newbie, no links allowed, not even internal ones!) that I restore Evernote per notebook. With several hundred notebooks, that will take forever!

I am wondering if I could export each of those Evernote notebook "stacks" as ENEX files and import them into Joplin.

Any ideas from those who have imported large Evernote DB's into Joplin?

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Unfortunately that's exactly what Evernote wants, and maybe one of the main reason to move away from them. They have no reason to make it that hard to export notes, it's like an afternoon project to improve that, but they prefer to do some vendor lock-in instead.

However I wonder, maybe we could allow importing a folder of ENEX files, and create separate notebook for each of these files?

So for example if you have these ENEX files in a folder:

  • Personal.enex
  • Work.enex
  • Projects.enex

They will all be imported, and the following notebooks will be created in Joplin:

  • Personal
  • Work
  • Projects

And of course each notebook will contain the notes imported from the ENEX file.

Would that make the process any easier? You'd still have to export each ENEX one by one though as for this we can't do much unfortunately.

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