Importing from Evernote to Joplin on Mac

Hi. I am having the same problem as mentioned on this closed thread 22934?

I am using Big Sur 11.7.1 exporting from Evernote 7.14 to Joplin 2.88.

When I import from enex I get unformatted text but no images or just entries like this

If I reimport the note into Evernote it is fine suggesting that it did export properly.

If I try to import from html version I just get a spinning wheel and have to force quit the application.

I'm not sure where to find the images as mentioned in the original thread. I've attached the log.

Many thanks in advance


log.txt (884.5 KB)

Could you provide an example of ENEX file that shows the issue?

Here you go. It should be mainly images
My Notes.enex (16.8 KB)

Hi any more ideas please?

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