Urgent: Evernote import takes forever, not yet finished after hours, still running

Joplin 1.0.164 on macOS catalina 10.15.6

I exported all my noted from Evernote 7.14 as XML and selected import ENEX HTML (because there was no XML choice available and it definitely is NOT Markdown format).

The import is still busy, hogging the CPU cores, it is doing this now since at least 4 hours and I seriously wonder how long can it take to import 157 MB of notes.

I do not dare to stop the process, but I do not know for how long to let it drag on.

Help very much appreciated!

Hello flatu,

You should update your Joplin install first, then try it again. If it does not work, you can try importing your Evernote notes by batch.

@subie I was on the latest version. It seems that there was 1 note the Joplin was choking on. After removing all notes from Evernote that had been migrated already to Joplin and starting over it went through.

Yeah, I had the same. I eventually figured out which one it was by seeing where it left off and after I deleted the errant note it all went through the next run. It was a goofy note with a few large attachments. It was no longer needed so I just left it as is.

Had I needed it I would have saved the attachments out of it and cut and pasted the text into a new Joplin notes then attached the files to it in Joplin.

Did you keep the Evernote note that was causing problem by any chance? If so if you could share it as Enex that would be great, as that would help fix the freeze.

I did, however just last week I decided I had used Joplin long enough to delete all my EN notes and the backups. So all EN stuff is gone.

I have the Joplin backup of the recreated note but not the EN version. I’m afraid it has personal information in it, screen shots and stuff that’s not easy to obfuscate anyway, so I would not be able to share it.

Ok no worries, thanks for checking anyway. @flatu, did you happen to keep a faulty ENEX note by any chance?

How would I know?

I mean you mentioned you had a problem when importing one of your ENEX files. Can you share that ENEX file so that I can try to fix this issue? It doesn’t have to be the complete ENEX file, if you can narrow it down to the note that’s causing issue and export just this one as ENEX it’s good too.

Unfortunately I have not tried to narrow it down to the note that it choked on since I was able to move on.