Import from Evernote - huge pictures

Version 2.4.9

When importing from Evernote, my pictures end up being super huge, like this:
Is there a way to reduce their size? It will take 1 year to do it all manually.

Zoomed out to give an overview:

I don't think there is a markdown implementation of it yet but you can put the HTML in the markdown to change it.
e.g. change:
<img src=":/633783444f3744f49136be0b5c84d276" width="400">
You can set the width only and the height will scale automatically (or vice versa).
You should be able to open the note in an text editor and do regex find & replace to change them.
Otherwise you are probably looking at resizing the images themselves in bulk.

Out of interest did you import your ENEX as markdown? I wonder if importing as HTML preseves the size that is set on EverNote.

![](./pic/pic1_50.png =100x100)
or html img tag
img src="./xxx.png" width = "300" height = "200" align=center

It would be great if Evernote files could be provided.

I did import as markdown. Tried in HTML, and it's the same issue.

Will stay with Evernote for now since there are too many issues with my imports.

Thanks anyway.

You could also ask Evernote to fix their export format. Although I doubt they'll do it since the point of their broken export is to make it as difficult as possible for users to move to a different app.

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