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Evernote import discards styles


Files imported from .enex don’t contain any styling.
I’ve just ignored it in plenty notes, fixed it manually in others, but I still have a few notebooks where neither of those options is feasible.

How it looks in EN:


And Joplin:

I guess I could try getting raw HTML from Evernote and hacking on that, but I really don’t want to, if there’s any other way.

(Update: I don’t care about stuff like the silly gray text; but the bold/italics and the paragraphs are important.)


Could you send the ENEX data?


Looks like the styling has been set in the attributes for this note, which unfortunately is not currently supported.


Verdammt. Okay, thanks for looking at it.


Hi Laurent,
I have this issue with almost all of my ENEX files. Is there any plans on your roadmap to implement this in the near future? I really would like to help, the problem only is that I am a quite decent Python coder but just starting out with JavaScript and React Native, so more or less bloody beginner :frowning: Anyway, maybe you could point me in the right direction where the import code is happening?


Well now I am not sure if this is exactely my issue, but I already described it here: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/767