Images not showing on desktop and android

I am using
desktop version (macOS mojave) Joplin 1.0.179
android version Joplin 1.0.316

no encryption; synced with dropbox

I imported some notes from an enex file, and i synced multiple times, changed the attachment download setting from always to auto to manual, and i keep seeing this icon

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 4.09.03 PM

When i click on it, nothing happens. And it’s the same thing for (i think) most of my notes, I only looked at a sample of them. And the images don’t show up on neither of the two devices.

What else can i do to check why the images are not showing up or how to fix this?

There might be a bug with displaying images on mobile the first time they are downloaded. It might fix it if you completely close the app and re-open it. Also check in the settings that the attachment download behaviour is right.

Thanks @laurent for the quick response, just tried that and it still the same, and restarted joplin on desktop, and also nothing… any other ideas?

My first post here was for something very similar. Although, it was OneDrive, Linux and both Android and iOS. One possible solution is uninstalling, reinstalling, and resetting it up.

Even though this is an iOS screenshot, the options are the exact same. You may need to change this to Manual, save and then change it back to Always or Auto a couple times to get it to work.

Also if you have many resources they might be downloaded in the background and eventually you’ll see them. Is there any error in the log by the way?

Also, are any of your resources over 10 MB in size? I don’t think that Android has been fixed yet, has it @laurent?

thanks @bedwardly-down, i did the change between manual/auto/always a few times, but didn’t really help; i haven’t tried to uninstall it yet, but before i do that, and given that the images don’t show up on none of the two devices, i wonder if they actually are saved somewhere, what would be the best way to check whether the images are in the right location or are being called on correctly?

@laurent i checked the logs, it looks like there were some Fetch errors in the last few days but not today, is this helpful? i can post the log but i have a feeling it was a poor internet connection so it couldn’t reach the dropbox api or smth

I’m not sure where the config files are saved on Windows, but the joplin-desktop folder will have a hidden folder called .resource (s) or _resource (s). That will be where all resources are saved locally. Android would be harder to find, tbh

ok! i think i might have figured it out!
most of the images in the _resources folder are .crypted (i tried to encrypt my notes on mac a few days ago but then decided not to use it) ---- could this be the reason they are not showing up? and is there a quick way to decrypt the images in _resources?

Most definitely. If you don’t have the encryption key on hand, i think there’s a way to decrypt them involving database manipulation but I’m not sure how it works

I have the encryption key;
i’ve looked around on other threads, and seems like i could use joplin e2ee decrypt, would this work for the whole resource folder?
i wonder why did the .md files all get decrypted but not the resources?

I’m not sure. I don’t use the terminal client very often and what you’re talking about is a terminal client command.

On the desktop client, you should have an orange bar at the top asking for your master key. Click there, put your encryption key in, click the save button to check it. If it shows a check mark, you’re good. It should decrypt everything as long as they’re all under same key.

Hello! I have same problem. I create note with web clipper on my notebook. The note contains images and looks good on a laptop (Linux Mint). For synchronization I use Synology NAS (Synology Drive, Synchronization target - File system). After synchronization with my phone (Android) and home computer (Linux Mint) is complete, there are no images on both devices in the created note. The above tip for changing the “Attachment download behavior” parameter did not help. Image size <10 MB. Encryption disabled.

@pavel, could you provide the URL of the web page you clipped?

For example

I think the problem is not in web clipper, because in imported notes from evernote, images are only on the home computer, but on the laptop and phone are missing ((

There seems to be a sync problem with Synology Drive. I’ll try to solve it myself.

Unfortunately, i also haven’t been able to solve my problem yet. I am pretty sure it has to do with previously encrypting the files from my macOS and somehow they have not decrypted even though i turned it off and synchronised all my devices multiple times; in the resource folder a good part of the images are still .crypted, so not sure what to do without losing all of them or looking through all my evernotes and downloading the images/clips again and reattaching.

Do you have a computer with all the files? If so you probably just need to make a jex export from there, then wipe all your Joplin clients and restart from the computer with a jex file (reimport the jex then set up sync with all the clients).

If you don’t have a single client with all the data, then you’ll probably need to set up encryption again with the same password as from before. I think that should decrypt everything and you can then follow the steps above.

thanks @CalebJohn, yes i have it all on my laptop; i will try it this weekend and see what happens, fingers crossed!

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