Resources (Images) not syncing reliably in Android (still)

Operating system


Joplin version


Sync target


What issue do you have?

Similar to previous /resources-are-not-syncing/29258 I suppose.
How to reproduce:

  1. Install Joplin for MacOS and import 14 notebooks in Evernote markdown format.
  2. Sync Joplin for MacOS to Dropbox and complete synchronization. Check that Dropbox copy is complete.
  3. Install Joplin for Android (Android v10, Kernel 4.9.118-24343300 ) and sync Android app to Dropbox (resources sync is default, "Always")
  4. When sync is complete, open any note containing an image, and find a "download" icon instead.
  5. Click the "download" icon and nothing happens.
  6. Read through the forums and the GitHub forums for similar problems and find that changing the resources sync to Manual or Auto and back may help.
  7. Change resources sync to Manual and try downloading an image manually. This time the icon background turns briefly blue when touched, but still no image download.
  8. Restart Android, change resources sync to Auto and resync Joplin all over again.
    Message: Created local items: 9 Fetched items: 538/1000. Completed: 06/04/2024 13:03 (987s).
  9. Again try a few different notes with images, note that all fail to download when opening.
  10. Change resources sync to Manual and resync Joplin all over again. Note that Dropbox copy has not changed at all.
    Message: Created local items: 1302. Fetched items: 1840/1840. Completed: 06/04/2024 13:23 (375s)

Now the images download when touched.


  1. Why doesn't the first, second or third sync complete on its own?
  2. When a download image icon is shown, why does touching it not ALWAYS attempt to download the resource?
  3. If it's attempting and failing to download the resource, why no information about the failure?

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