iOS app does not display images

I don't see the embedded images in my notes anymore in the mobile iOS version of Joplin on a iPhone 8. The icons are there and the links can be seen when in edit mode, but not the images themselves. I still see them on my desktop though. Is this a bug or how do I get these images back in the mobile app?

I just tested this on an iPhone 12 and I can see the images just fine. So I have no idea why you can't.

It might be a sync issue. When attempting to sync, does the sync status show up as something like "Fetching resources 3/100"?

I have this problem and the message is "Fetching resources 3/100"

some images are downloaded, most of them, not

Using Onedrive as syncing method, on iPhone and iPad versions running the last iOS update

I think this happens if Joplin is closed while downloading a resource.

If everything is up-to-date on the server, you can try clearing the device's local data and re-downloading everything. I think the only way to do this on iOS is uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

See also Bug report: Attachments not syncing - #7 by myfta .

It shows 3/10 instead of 3/100, but indeed.

Deleting the app and reinstalling does the trick indeed, although it almost takes a full 3 hours to sync and decrypt. I really wish there was an easier method, but at least it works now.

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Following your advice:

Reinstalled the app and running Joplin until all notes and items are synced, the images are downloaded.

The important is: don't close the app while it's syncing.

I've been able to fix the issue locally!!! It looks like it's specific to OneDrive. I'll be opening a pull request soon!

Edit: See All: Fixes #7986: Fix OneDrive attempting to call method on `null` variable by personalizedrefrigerator · Pull Request #7987 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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