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I see an icon rather than an image in my note on Android

I’m using both the desktop (1.0.160) and Android version (1.0.271) of Joplin. I have a note I created in the Desktop version (macOS), which includes an image. I have setup syncing via Dropbox and using E2EE.

So, on a Linux laptop, I see the synced note, including the image.

But on the Android app, I see a download icon instead of the image:


I’ve synced several times over the course of a day or so, but I still don’t see an image.

What could be going on? Thanks!

What is the Attachment download behavior set to on your mobile?

It’s set to “Always”. I should have added that other images are showing up on the Android app. It seems to be this particular note (and perhaps others).

Hmm, yes i saw that today when testing too. I’ll try to fix it because indeed it should only show up for resources downloaded via sync

Thanks. And just to be clear, this is a case where the icon shows up in a note synced to the Android app, but originally created on the Desktop app.