Images (link to an article) deleted after a few days

When I use Webclipper (on my linux) I can grab articles and then the images are captured too.
Now on my smartphone, I dont see the images tied to that articles, but I could noticed that joplin deleted ressources remotely, I suppose that images were in that ressources.
I grabged articles on sunday and synced since tuesday to today on my smartphone.

I will try to create a note by myself and attach an image to compare the behavior between creating a note by ourself or by webclipper to understand why images are deleted from the filesystem.

here are 2 images of the same article grabbed with webclipper

one before sync / one after sync

the differents between the 2 snapshots ? I synced it on my mobile yesterday (and didnt see the images too), then today on the desktop the ressource has been dropped but the image link is still in the article…

I created a note by hand with those images . Will see in few days the result

That’s quite annoying, what was the URL?

By the way, how did you sync with the mobile? Did you by any chance start the sync on one day and finished on another?

All the blog post of

I dont remember that particular behavior.
I remember i Synced After having encrypted on desktop, then when syncing on mobile may be that took a while but more that 2days on mobile and i Saw the message remote resource deleted. I’m sure that i Can reproduce the issue but grabbing one of the post on desktop , syncing on mobile, and in few days images will be dropped

I’ve just tried that particular blog post and it synced with images:

Or maybe it’s an issue with decryption. If it fails, the resource might not appear anywhere and will be considered “orphan” and deleted a few days later. I will try to do more tests with this.

i dont think it is related to cryption, I had the same behavior before using encryption

I’m a bit tempted to disable auto-deletion until this is figured out, but as a first step I’ll fix this issue as I suspect it might be related.

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@foxmask, have you noticed content being incorrectly deleted in recent releases?

I 'll make another try this evening with the same blog post and will see

This issue was resolved for me with one of the recent releases.

I save wikipedia articles with plenty of images and they automatically deleted after a while with the initial release that included webclipper but the subsequent and indeed current release doesn’t seem to have this issue.

actually, the (~20) blog posts I grabbed yesterday have been well stored in joplin desktop and sync.
But on the mobile, the articles are here but without displaying any pictures.
I suppose it’s because the process of decryption is not finished.
I just hope that it will take not too much time before joplin detects that the resources are not here (because not decrypted yet) and then, drop them for good, and then I will finish by having an article without images at all.

It shouldn't anymore as there's now a check to prevent this. However if it does happen, please let me know.

it looks fine now.
I'll keep an eye on them :slight_smile:

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