This is really weird!

I just posted a request for help about a Dropbox sync problem. Whilst poking around I went to the Joplin target folder under C: Users/xxx/.config/joplin-desktop. There's a number of folders and files in there and then I clicked on a folder labeled Resources. Holy carp!

In that folder I found a bunch of really weird stuff including manga images, photos of strange people, and carp I never saw before. But, also in there were images that were actually in my Joplin notes and pdf files that were attachments to notes.

Does anybody have any idea of where all this weird stuff came from? There must be hundreds of unknown images in there.

Do you use the web-clipper? If you clip a web page and then tidy it up all the "carp" on the web page that you did not want will stay in resources until the note history settings remove it.

Aha! I never thought of that. I do sometimes use the web-clipper.


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