Feature Request: Web Clipper stores pictures locally

Hi everybody,

Joplin is a great tool - thanks a lot for your efforts to produce it.

I would suggest to include one additional feature to the web clipper:

At the moment the web clipper keeps the links to images / pictures and does not import the linked images / pictures. As consequence, the images / pictures get lost when the clipped web page gets offline. It would be of great benefit if you could add a feature in which the user can select to import the contents of the links in the clipped web page as well.

Many thanks!

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Not sure what you mean here. The web clipper does indeed save any image displayed on the "clipped" web page locally and nothing gets lost when displaying the note offline.

For any clipper issue, we need an example url.


I initially thought that Joplin was doing this but then noticed that it appears that a link to the image is stored in Joplin when the page designer has also included a hyperlink to the picture. This is so that the viewer can click on the picture to display it in its own tab.

In that case you get markdown in Joplin which looks like this:


which comprises the picure as a Joplin resource


AND a hyper-link to the image


Is this what you are getting?

Yes that’s working as expected.

Strange thing is most web pages work fine, except this one.


I tried clipping 'complete page' and 'selection only', but all the pictures are not stored locally, but in a link instead.

The 1st picture, for example, is stored as


Which is supposed to be


My Joplin version:
Joplin 1.2.6 (prod, win32)
f5f117cb (master)

Can this be easily reproduced?


I just had the same issue when capturing the following page using the Firefox web clipper:

Every image uses the URL instead of making a local copy.
Can you please help?

Another question I was wondering about : are local resources like images automatically deleted when a note containing them is deleted?

Thanks for your help.