Images not syncing from windows desktop to Android

Using Joplin on Windows 11 desktop v 2.10.19
Android v 2.10.8

I imported my Evernote notebooks to desktop Joplin. I have tried first using OneDrive to sync, but now have started a Joplin Cloud trial.
On some, not all notes, where images are present within the Joplin desktop app, I am receiving instead only a download image placeholder in the Android app that does not respond if I tap it:


My synchronization setting for attachment download behavior is set to always.

I see there was an identical issue created in 2019 but the bug was reportedly fixed and the case closed. I am experiencing the same symptom now.

I just tried changing the setting to attachment download behavior to automatic and then killing the app on mobile. Relaunching it, the images in that note now download.

Same problem here

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