I lost a very important note

Joplin didn't save a note that I made. I edited it on Vim through Joplin CLI and probably shut down the computer after saving it. When I was back on, the changes I made were not found. Where should I look to possibly get it back?

  • Joplin 1.7.0 prod branch (CLI)
  • Environment: Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th gen. running Manjaro i3

@ChefYeum welcome to the forum

It looks like when using an external editor Joplin works on a copy of the note in .config/joplin-desktop. The file is named edit-<unique reference>.md. It automatically gets deleted when the edited note is fed back into Joplin.

You could have a look in there. If it's not there you could try having a look in the folder with a recovery tool / disk editor to see if there are any deleted edit files that can be recovered.

EDIT: Just realised that you are using the Joplin CLI client. I cannot confirm that the CLI client uses the same method (I don't use it) but it may be worth having a look anyway.

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