I thought I lost a note RESOLUTION and changing external editors

All - Missing note: Yesterday I went looking for a phone number I had saved two months previously - a very important one. I was able to find it after getting the right profile and search terms. I wanted to edit the entry but when I clicked on it and started editing, the note simply disappeared. I freaked out a little bit and went searching and found in an email months ago. whew! I looked like I lost the note completely, no way to recover it that I could see. It was weird. I had clicked on the note, and it bounced me out to All Notes. No sign of it at all.

Solution Working elsewhere in Joplin for about 10 minutes, I just retried the search terms and I found it. It was under Conflicts.
Lesson Learned; Turn the sync interval down from 5 minutes to 15 or 30. If I need to sync faster, I can do it manually. When you are editing a note that is being synced, strange things can happen.

Again - I'd didn't lose the note but it was a real heart-stopper there for about 15 min, considering how much I rely on Joplin and how much I needed that phone number.

Second issue- external editor. I can't handle WordPad very well, so I really like Jarte. Problem is, I can't get it to connect to Joplin, It comes up with an error "Jarte cannot find C:\Program files\Joplin" Don't know what that's about.
The odd bit: I use Portable Joplin on a computer I don't own, and Jarte works there. Fine I can switch to portable.

So that's all the news that's printed to fit.

thanks for your report! maybe using the simple backup plugin could prevent you from the next near-heart-attack? just an idea, if you don’t have a backup process in use yet…

Update one. Simple backup I use that. Problem is that it backs up only the current profile, and the data was in the old profile. Thus the phone number had been overwritten.
The only instance I have had of losing info in Joplin, for however short a time, as opposed to having entire OneNote sessions go missing forever. "Look for conflicts" - I can live with it.
Update two - The note's disappearance on edit was not caused by Joplin's sync interval, but - believe it or not - by the Bluetooth mouse I was using. The EXACT same behavior happened in LibreOffice, two days later. Clicking a paragraph to edit, caused the entire section to just disappear. Ok, I'm buying a new mouse. Unbelievable.

The Jarte fix. On hte new computer I installed Joplin Portable moved the profile over from installed Joplin. I Installed Jarte like normal, and added Jarte's path to external editor, Bingo!. It works.
Thanks for listening to my woes guys.