How can I save my notes in a different folder

On Ubuntu 22.04.1
Joplin V 2.8.8
Where does Joplin save my notes??
Can I save my notes to a different path folder?
Thank you

There are ways to do this, but what are you trying to achieve specifically? Please keep in mind that notes aren't stored in a readable format, so even if you change the location, it will still be a database file accompanied with resources that aren't normally supposed to be modified outside of Joplin.

Ok thanks.
The problem that I came across is with using external editor like Vim.
Few times I saved and quite the file from vim - :wq
And the changes did not appear in the Joplin editor.
So I was hoping to find the file.

It stores it as a temp file, e.g. ~/.config/joplin-desktop/
When you save that file it should the integrate it back into the database.

I know vim works just fine with the terminal version, never tried a terminal editor for the GUI app though. What have you put into Joplin for your external editor config?

I didn’t put anything in particular.
When I click on the name of the note a menu asks me few things I select open in external editor and then few options come. I select vim.
How do I set the external editor?

Tools > Options > General > Text editor command. That will allow you to set your editor and any arguments.
When you say vim do you mean stock, terminal based vim (i.e. it opens within a terminal) or the gui one (gvim)?

Thank you
Stock, terminal based vim.

You need to specify the binary of your terminal first in the path then add vim to the arguments in the area I mentioned before.

e.g. if you are just using standard GNOME and the default terminal emulator then:
Path = gnome-terminal
Arguments = -- vim

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