I forgot dropbox account synchronized with Joplin


Sorry to bother you,

When I installed Joplin I created dropbox account to synchronize with Joplin. Today I installed Joplin on a new phone ( android ), but realized that I forgot the dropbox account login. Is it possible to find it at Joplin configuration?
Also- One possible solution may be to export my notes, create other account and use it. Is it possible to export all the notes and Journals at once?

Not a problem, but you could at least read the documentation or the FAQ.

How about using the forgot password option in dropbox?

You can export the notes, by using the export menu item.

Hi Tessus and everyone,

Thank you for your answer. I checked the FAQ, but I haven’t found any answer for that, nor the documentation. I’ll check again. The Joplin page itself (https://joplin.cozic.net/) is where I found most of the info I have, bur i still don’t know if its possible to export all notes at once.

About the password option in Dropbox, it’s not possible, as I didn’t forgot the password, but the username. I was wondering if its registered somewhere in Joplin’s configurations files.

Thank you for your help,

Do you have your notes on the desktop app too? If so you can check the file database.sqlite in your profile directory and open the “settings” table. There should be a passwordCache key in there, which will have your username/password.

To export, just export to JEX as it will contain all your notes, notebooks, etc.

Thank yo for your answer!

I’m not a programmer, so this is as far as i could go:
Downloaded DB browser for SQLite. Opened “database.sqlite”.
found “Settings” table and “Key”, but I couldn’t locate the username…

Did I do something wrong?


You need to open the tab “Navegar datos” and select the “settings” table to view the data.

I forgot to mention, but I had already did that. Anyway, i did it again to show you what I’ve got:

Yes it’s not in there, so you’ll need some other way to recover the account and data.


Thank you for all the Help. I guess I’ll just export the notes, create a new dropbox folder and resynci with it in other devices.