Forgot my password and want to continue using joplin by disabling encryption

Hi I stupidly forgot my master key passwort.

I only remembered that there is a password when I wanted to install Joplin on my new Laptop for work.

I have Joplin installed on

  • my private Laptop
  • my private mobile phone
  • my old Laptop for work (I do not have it any more, because I got a new one)
    all is syncronized via Dropbox

I first thought I could continue using Joplin by simply disabling encryption on all my devices. I did that, and so I can still see the content on

  • my private Laptop (where the original password is not saved anymore under options - encryption - master keys)
  • my private mobile phone (where the original password is still saved unter
    ... but not on my new Laptop for work - everything is encrypted...

I found this forum entry

and I suppose I am not able to export my forgotten password, because It is not from the desktop (but dropbox) ... correct? Anyway - on my dropbox, I was not able to find the mentioned database.sqlite or the .config directory.

Is there any solution for me :-)?

Thank you very much

You should look for the database file on your laptop, it will not be synced with dropbox.
You can see the location of the database under Tools -> Options. An example from my computer


If you can still see all your notes on your private laptop before you do anything else backup your notes using File > Export > JEX - Joplin Export File. That way if things go wrong as you try to solve this you will have a clean and unencrypted version of all of your notes and resources you can fall back on and import into a fresh setup if you need to.

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@CalebJohn and @dpoulton thank you very much! thanks to your help I was able to find the password and to export the file!!