Recover backup from Dropbox

Windows and Android
Version 2.5.12 and 2.6.3

Hi there :slight_smile:

I had Joplin setup on these two devices, and syncing broke within the last days.
So I decided to uninstall the app on Android, that hang on the "Cancel" element once I hit "synchronize".

Reinstalling did not fix the issue, and now I am wondering how I get the backup from the Dropbox back to my phone.

When I setup Dropbox now, it seemingly creates a new account.
How to recover the previous content?

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First things first, before proceeding please make sure you have a .jex backup. You can make it from your desktop.

Next, let's check if you're logged on in your Dropbox account from your Android.

Here, could you clarify

Does Dropbox prompt you to create new account for your cloud?
does Joplin fetch no notes from Dropbox and in general behaves as if your cloud has no notes?

Got it.

How to tell the difference? If think the later
It looks almost like both

Well, if DropBox prompts you to create new account, I imagine, you're most likely not logged in.
If you reject the prompt, you're still not logged in and Joplin proceed thinking you didn't setup a sync target (runs locally).

Watch out for the "Log In" button at the dropbox user creation prompt, try using it to log in

Also would it make a difference if you try signing in Dropbox using your default browser on Android and then try setting up the sync target in Joplin again?

For folks who may not be aware, there is a great plugin for backup:

And remember sync should not be considered a backup.

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Ok, I got it.

This the login page I used:


So its my account

And it shows nothing, no loaded notes at all.

How can I succeed?

Posting the update from DMs with extra information for those who would like to try their teeth on the case

Chat with Shalock


It redirected me to a page, which asked me to confirm Joplin in Dropbox.

The Email address there was mine.

Yes, this page asked you to confirm Joplin permission to use the cloud and supposed to give you a code to input in the text box (2nd step on your image). Did you see the code? Did you submit it?

Yes I did and yes, that seemed to work our fine, it caused no error and directed me to the casual start view.

So is your problem solved now? And if so, could you indicate the solution in the thread you opened?
It might be useful for people searching similar issues

No, it is, as initially stated.

I cannot see any change to the default view, besides some account details at the 'syncing' button.

Other than that, its no different to a default Joplin.

Could it be that your notes are not in the root of Dropbox but in a folder, say /Notes/ or something?

So far what I know is that the sign in to Dropbox from android was seemingly successful but no notes were fetched.

I assume it might be because the notes are not stored in the root of Dropbox but I have no idea how to configure Joplin to read notes from subfolders of Dropbox.

Well, it worked before and I didnt change the path.

And yes, its under Dropbox/Apps/Joplin

By the way, can you share the syncreport?
Configuration > export bug report

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