Multiple Encryption Passwords

Hi there

Sorry if this is a noob question but I am at breaking point.

A couple of months ago I tried to change my encryption password. Inadvertently, I created many passwords without knowing. Now I have a Joplin account with 7 or 8 different sync passwords, some I am not sure I will remember (still trying).

I can get into Dropbox okay and have a few of the sync passwords but not all. Is there a way I can delete old encryption keys so I can get my notes back?

Thank you for your help.

Do you have a machine with all the unencrypted notes on it? If so you can make a backup of your notes (File -> Export -> Jex) and then clear the data from all you machines (and the sync target). Once everything is cleared you can import your notes back into Joplin and re-sync.