Help! How do I log into Joplin from a New Phone and Sync all my old notes?

I bought a new phone and downloaded Joplin but do not see how to sync my old dropbox files. Or I do not see a way to log in. When I try and sync with Dropbox, it just tries to create a new sync file. Please help! I have thousands of notes in Dropbox with my old phone.

You should just able to go to configuration and enter your details there? Otherwise I'm not quite sure what you mean by not being able to log in.

Sounds like you have logged on to a different Dropbox account on your new phone.

same account

No where to enter info from what I can see

Burger menu - > configuration - > synchronisation. You should be able to pick Dropbox from there and put your details in

Thank you. It is currently syncing but so far it has only synced one notebook with all my notes showing up in All Notes. I will update on whether or not the notebooks are synced or not.

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