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Hi, any way for Joplin to detect when I paste a URL into a note and turn it into a hyperlink by itself? Thank you.

Tools > Options > Markdown > Enable Linkify (wysiwyg: yes)

The "Linkify" option displays plain URLs in notes as links. Otherwise the URLs have to be specified using Markdown - [Link](https://example.com) or <https://example.com>.

With Linkify

Ohhhh, I see the links now after exiting and entering the note again. Thanks.

Kind of annoying to have to first put the pink in the markdown pane just to get it to show in the regular notes pane.

Feature request: why not have clickable urls when they're typed or pasted directly into notes.

I don't understand what you mean by this.

If you switch on Linkify in the settings you will have clickable urls when they're typed or pasted directly into notes.

I'm working with the latest Joplin windows (windows 11 also the latest) client with the "Linkify" option enabled in the markdown section. Even with the Linkify enabled, the only way my notes urls become clickable is when I first type or paste the url when in the markdown editor mode. If I type or paste the url into the note while in the notes mode, the url remains as un-clickable, plain text. In other words, my urls are never clickable unless I enter them through the markdown editor first. I hope that's clearer.

I see what you mean. For some reason I did not recognise that "pink" was just a typo for "link" in your earlier post. Apologies.

I do not normally use the Rich Text Editor (RTE) but I have just tried it out. It seems that Linkify will change a URL into a link but not immediately. After pasting in the URL you have to move from the note and back again for the conversion to take effect. You then have to use CTRL+Click in the RTE to activate the link as otherwise you would not be able to edit the link text.

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Yea, I'm typing on my autocorrect and tiny smartphone keyboard and it's sometimes very embarrassing.

Too bad we have to go through all the hoops to get the clickable link in the notes view. I have to be honest, I don't even see a need for the RTE as a basic note keeper, I just need to take quick notes with nothing more than easily clickable links, pasting images, embedding documents and the webpage clipper/snapshot is something nice to have. In addition to those best features, sync between clients, note organizing and elegant and accurate searchable content are most important.... Seems Jopling has all theses except the simple clickable links.

MS notes used to be my go-to, but I went cold turkey on them because of all the weird sync problems. I set out to find the best replacement and hands down, Joplin is king. Thank you to the developers for this.

It doesn't work like that for me. I'm using Windows 11. Latest public release, Joplin desktop. I work in Markdown mode. Linkify is on. Links appear and Control Point turns into a finger like it understands it is a link, but it does not load a browser tab and execute the link. In view mode, it does work, but I usually just copy and paste into the address bar.

I never work in Markdown mode, so can't speak to that. When I paste or type a URL in the view mode, it doesn't show as a clickable link as long as I remain on that note page. If I go to another note page and then back to the page where I pasted or type the URL, it then shows as a clickable link and works as it should, Weird that it doesn't work unless I leave the page and then come back... or, close Joplin and re-open.