Clickable URL links not working!

  • 2.6.10 version
  • Windows 10

Why URL links not working, either pasting and making it link. Or when I click on clamp and paste link, it is made into clickable link, but if I open the note next time - it isn't shown as clickable link... Any way to make them automatically clickable after pasting???


"Linkify" is something Joplin uses to convert text that looks like a URL into a clickable link. Is it switched on?

Tools > Options > Markdown > Enable Linkify

It is not auto converted to clickable link, but at least it stays it that way...


The WYSIWYG editor doesn't seem to support clickable links. You need to right click on the link first, then choose "Copy Link Address", then go to the browser and paste it there manually.

Linkify will only make unformatted links look like links, yet they still won't be clickable.

Alternatively, you can temporarily switch to the Markdown viewer and click the link there, then go back to the WYSIWYG editor.

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Yeah this is soooooooooooooooo baaaaaad... I don't understand like it will take me weeks of lifetime literally at the end... You calculate it! I don't know why all these programs are so impractical and unintelligent. I don't have time to do everything myself from 0, but if I programed program like that I would do things differently... This makes me literally depressed... These programs UI is not any different from 1990s models of UI... Doesn't anyone realize that? This is literally like most logical practical thing you can think of, who wants to be making links clickable all the time? I Am not trying to be mean, but look at Obsidian e.g. how bad saving websites is there...

My biggest gripe with Joplin so far is that I can't ctrl+f for existing folders in browser's plugin, if this worked I wouldn't mind about other issues as much...

That's still tumultuous AF, you will have to scroll back to place where is link, as it centers on top ^^

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