How to make hyperlinks work

Using 1.7.11 (just updated today) on Windows 10. I migrated to Joplin after using Evernote for many years. Had to switch when Evernote went totally online as half my work is done with no internet connection. I got all my notebooks transferred successfully and set up sync via Dropbox between my laptop and desktop. All seems to be working fine. I'd never heard of markdown before but now know a little about it, though almost never need to use it.

My issue is hyperlinks. Evernote did do that well but I cannot make it work in Joplin. I found references to a hyperlink plug-in but I've gone through the plug-ins and can't see anything that seems to pertain.

Is there any guide on how to make hyperlinks work? Or, which is the appropriate plug-in?


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Hello and welcome!

What do you mean, 'make hyperlinks work'? What isn't working?

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You may need to use the Joplin API to customize the import. I'm not sure whether the import function of Joplin handles note references

ref: Joplin Data API | Joplin

I just realized I screwed up and maybe wasn't using the right term. The links to pdf files work fine, but I have to highlight the file name and right click and select open.

The problem is with URLs. I have many notes taken from websites but I don't need to use the clipper to do that. What I do is to copy the website URL and paste it into the note. I've tried the Inset/Edit Link icon but without luck. In Evernote I could just click on the URL and it would take me to the website.


I'm assuming you're in the rich text editor (b/c clicking on the link should work in rendered view): CTRL + click the link (CMD + click on Mac, I think).

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PERFECT! I would have never thought of that.


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