How to view images in iOS?

Just downloaded the PC and iOS versions of Joplin. I set them both to sync via Nextcloud webdav. In the PC version I can see attached images, such as the first image of a laptop, tablet, and phone in the “Welcome to Joplin!” note. On iOS the image shows as a tiny blank box.

What is looks like on PC:

I’ve noticed the same thing. After the last update no local images are shown anymore. It looks like a bug.

They show up on desktop and Android. They were also displayed with the previous version on iOS, so I do know that the referenced resources are actually on the device.

The sync status output is the same on Android and iOS (same number of resources, notes, …).
There are no errors or messages, which would indicate an issue, in the log.

I think @laurent will have to confirm whether it is a bug or not.

Yes, I’m seeing this too.

Hmm, strange that it would work on Android but not iOS. I’ll try to replicate in the simulator.

What is your “Download resource mode” setting by the way?

I don’t see that setting. If you mean Attachment Download Behaviour, it’s set to “Always.”

I also tried creating a note in the iOS app and inserting a photo I took on my phone. I was able to insert it, sync it, and view the photo on my PC, but the iOS version still showed the tiny blank box.

I’ve got it set to Always.

Attachment download behaviour is set to Always

Same issue here. I just downloaded Evernote again in agony :frowning:

Please look into it if possible.

Attachments don’t show up at all on iOS.

If you change the “Download resource mode” setting to manual does it allow you to download the resource?

Nope, nothing changes when I set it to manual. Also, it’s an inline image, maybe this is only triggered for files.

Edit: The resources are on the device according to the Status page.

Setting it to manual does download the resource but I end up seeing white boxes once the resource is downloaded.

For info, this is due to this WebKit bug and should be fixed in the next release.

Thanks. It’s working now.

Working now. Thanks so much!

Weird. It seems like I can view images now, but only new images I add since the update. I still can’t view older images.
When I compare the same note on PC and iOS, the paths for a given image are different. For example:
PC: ![] (:/13528924de064451bf98f0d378f62a27)
iOS: ![] (:/f32a1fbdbd604eee844b623fae30a10a)

That can’t be @bizarro. Maybe they are different notes but imported from the same enex file or something like this?