How to use external Links

I like to use external links like this on
on Ubuntu 20.04

What do I need to setup to get x-callbacks for Joplin (2.7.15) it work?

Thanks a lot

It should just work. Right click a note, copy external markdown link and paste that link into a browser. It should open joplin to that note.

Unfortunately it does not, a search is started instead of call to joplin.
I am using Joplin as an AppImage, maybe there is something missing in the config?

Maybe i can advice you to install AppImageLauncher that doing a good job with the compatibility beetween your AppImage and your OS.


Thanks for the pointer, I just found out that firefox once asked for the program to use for joplin:// were as chromium simply starts a search.

Some findings
I use under Ubuntu 20.04.3 the non snap version of Chromium since there is no functioning integration for any external keystore tool with snap (same counts for firefox). Obviously I pay for using a keystore with the missing support for x-callbacks. In case someone could fix this I am happy to hear about it.


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