Direct access with external link

When I copy an external link from a notebook (ex/ joplin://x-callback-url/openFolder?id=4303f25f11b54594b8697e02d5ce712 )
Or I can paste it to access the notebook directly.
In the search bar, it doesn't work !
I'm local with the latest version

What search bar? You should just be able to click that link from pretty much anywhere to launch or focus Joplin on that location.

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I recall there were issues on MacOS, links weren't working if Joplin wasn't running or something like that. On Linux and Windows they should work.

Sorry I didn't get the notification
I copy/paste the previous link in the search bar above.
Then I may have misunderstood the use; if you have a use case? in the documentation?

What search bar do you mean? It should work if you paste it in your web browser's address field.

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