How to set up note overdue notifications?

I may have searched incorrectly: Is there any information/documentation about setting up notifications for overdue notes (for Windows) available?

I tried, several times, to set up an alarm. Works fine, if Joplin is running, when it occurs. In this case, it would be nice, if clicking the message would switch to Joplin with this note open.

If I click immediately on it, the information is lost, which message alerted. Because there is no entry in message list of Windows any more, if the message was clicked directly.

But I have never seen a message reminding me an overdue note after starting Joplin. If this is not possible, setting alams is likely useless, especially with plugin Repeating Todos. Therefore, I am quite confident, that it is only a wrong setup of mine.

Using "portable" version on Windows 10x64 pro.

Any hints for configuring a working setup for "reminders on startup" welcome.

If I am correct, the function does not currently exist in Joplin. There are only reminders when Joplin is running.

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That's what I (almost) thought, but "those who don't ask questions die stupid".

In the meantime I discovered the plugin Agenda, which is (probably) even better for me than serial messages on the desktop.

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