How to make notifications more reliable?

I'm using Joplin reminders pretty heavily in my workflow. Usually my reminders are not time sensitive, and as long as I see them within a few hours of the time set, it's fine.

My issue is that there's no reliable way (I think) to guarantee that I see my reminders on at least one device (laptop or mobile).

If my Mac happens to be on "sleep" mode or Joplin is closed, the notification does not trigger once I open it.

My mobile is always on, but because I don't open Joplin on mobile often, my app is out-of-sync. If I sync the app after the notification time, the device does not notify me in retrospec.

Is there any way to solve my issue today? The expected result is that I always get all of my notifications on at least one device, even if it's a few hours late.

The current solution , is randomly open Joplin on mobile every few days so it syncs.

If there's no better solution today, here are a few improvements suggestions:

  1. Sync mobile app on background so it always up-to-date (there's an open issue about it)
  2. Track whether a notification was sent. When Joplin detects an overdue notification that was not sent (either because laptop/mobile is off or mobile out of sync), it sends it ASAP. The "sent status" should be synced between devices.

Side question - I wonder if #2 can be implemented with a plugin. I don't think so but if there's a way please share.


+1 to all the above, and:

i actually do, on occasion, see my Joplin notification on my windows laptop. I'm not sure if they appear every time or not - my biggest problem is it disappears before i can do anything about it. Just looked through the settings, but couldn't find anything to set notification duration?

I'm very surprised this hasn't been raised as a problem before? can someone point us to other forum posts on this?

In Windows, Joplin seems to use the OS native notifications. This means that in Windows 10 and newer, they should land in the Action Centre, and they should stay there until dismissed. When it comes to how long they're displayed on the screen, this is configurable in the Ease of Access settings in Windows.



Alternatively, you can set the value in the Windows Registry instead

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility]

where the highest possible number is "ffffffff" (in hex), which translates to 4,294,967,295 seconds or 49,710.27 days, meaning that you can make notifications stay on the screen basically forever (until dismissed manually by the user).

However, I've also experienced Joplin notifications not showing up despite the fact that I keep my desktop PC turned on 24/7. The computer is set to automatically lock after 1h of being idle though, and it appears that if the Joplin alarm is set to trigger while the PC is locked, it fails to do so, and there's nothing recorded in the Action Centre even after unlocking the PC later. I'd assume the culprit may be the same as with the sleep mode that was mentioned above.

Full ACK - that would fix A LOT of issues, reminders being only one of them. There's also an issue with what happens when you tap on a reminder (iOS): Joplin opens, but you have to find the specific note for yourself. To guide you there, an additional pop-up is shown (vanishing quite fast, unfortunately). This pop-up is an improvement that's come with one of the latest updates, I think.

I'm a great fan of Joplin (on all platforms), but this must be the only app on the App Store that has no background sync and handles reminders/notification the way it does... :unamused: