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Plugin: Repeating To-Dos

A powerful and comprehensive plugin for to-do repetition/recurrence

This is a WIP plugin that once completed, will allow users to make tasks and to-dos repeatable/recurring. That is, tasks can be done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


I'd really love that !

Not sure, if it is intentional, but it is not in the plugin repo yet. Thus it can't be found from within the desktop app.

Yeah, its still pre alpha, at this point nothing more than the UI. I'll work on it when i can but I struggle with finding free time

Hey i am interested to work on this feature..can i work on it?

Since it's pre-alpha, I don't wanno open issues on github.
Here is my initial findings:

  • nice design, a big like for the idea and initial implementation,
  • when I click on a tab inside the fav window, the underlying note DOES NOT open,
  • it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut, or a small button to toggle visibility,

Joplin 1.8.1
Fav plugin 1.2.1

Sure thing! I can add you to the repo

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The UI is more or less complete, now for persistence and logic

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There is currently a snag in development. The plugin requires newer features of the API than the plugin scaffolding provides.

I am currently waiting on the developers to update the scaffolding generator.

The progress of this issue can be tracked here: The Yeoman plugin scaffold generator is out of date · Issue #4828 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Bro can u create a dscord community.it's easier to discuss abt this project in there.

Here's the link. Sorry it took so long

Can you add plugins like this to the mobile version of Joplin.

Would be great to see this plugin become integrated into Joplin itself as a native feature.

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