How to fix Joplin's reminders

Being non-native, Joplin isn't able to trigger an alert (reminder) if the alert is due while Joplin isn't running. Tessus explained this beautifully in his own charming way - a while ago. But the sheer size and RAM hunger of electron apps doesn't allow you to run Joplin all the time. And anyway, even if you were, your alarms won't go off when your computer is at sleep at that time.
The solution - aka my very humble feature request - have Joplin check all past reminders at app start or wake from sleep, and GET THOSE ALERTS OUT WHEN U CAN !
This should be well within reach of an Electron app, no ? Please correct me if I am wrong, or you don't see the need for this.


Really no thoughts on this, nobody ?
Or do comments like this get buried under "introducing ME" posts ?


I'll second this for PC and for the Android 11 app as well.

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