How to Search for text in Note - Android

Hi, I'm new to Joplin and primarily need it to search for certain text in notes. In Windows I need to do Crtl F etc and it works good enough. I need same search in Android version but seems this does not exist - please confirm?


Why not use the magnifying glass at the top right of the folder view; next to the sorting options?

Edit: Sorry, please ignore. I think I got your question wrong: you're in the note and want to search for text, right? Afaik not possible ...

Yes I didn't think it was possible. Notes without a good search option are practically useless. Not just a major fault in Joplin, it is a major fault in every notes app I have tried including OneNote, Evernote and Keep and a bunch of other. Still looking for a good cross device notes app...

This should be possible if the note editor is open:

This does mean switching between the note viewer and editor, though, which is not ideal.

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