Feature request: search within note and hiding note list

I have migrated all my Evernote usage to now Joplin, because I am sick of Evernote lack of support in Linux (The web interface of Evernote is just painful to use and buggy)

As title, one major feature I missed from Evernote in Joplin is capable of searching text within a note (of course, in addition to the current global text search)

Also, it would be nice to be able to hide the left side notes list, and having a keyboard shortcut to do so (just like F10 will toggle the sidebar). As sometimes (actually most of the time), I just want to focus working on a single note.

Anyway, thanks for developing such a great application!

something like this ?

search within a note feature request:

I saw that this request is closed and something was implemented. I am just not sure if it has already been released to the iOS / macOS homebrew platforms.

There is still only a global search button and it always bring up the list of all matching notes and you have to pick the relevant note. This is a bit cumbersome when you are already viewing or editing a note and you just want to search in exactly that note.

Then it would be best to have a search field that only searches in the currently open note and does not bring up other notes.

Is it implemented like this and just not yet released?

Should be cmd+f to search within a note. Iā€™m not sure about IOS unfortunately.

Thanks that works on macOS, but it would also be useful on the mobile apps, e.g. iOS.

Anyone else? How to do it on mobile apps?

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Agreed, need ability to search within notes in android.

It is still open: no way to search within the open note in the mobile apps.