Feature request: Find inside notes (Android)

Latest version of Joplin on Android 12.

I found several old (2000) closed threads on this subject and I'm surprised that it hasn't been solved because it's a basic request.

Would be very helpful to have Find, Find Next, Find Previous and highlight in yellow to locate text inside a note on Android app.

Thanks in advance.

Already available in latest prerelease with beta editor turned on

Thank you very much for your quick response. I have entered Google Play and I have the most updated version (2.8.1).

So I have to download joplin-v2.9.5.apk from GitHub?

In the future, will I have to return to GitHub or will it be updated from Google Play?

Excuse my ignorance.

2.9.5 is not yet released, hence it is not in Google Play. For all intents and purposes it should be considered beta. I suggest it here because it answers your request.

Yes, you may download the apk from this official github repository but I must warn you that beta might be not as stable as released version. Although I use it myself and I think it's fine.

If you download it from github, you will still be able to update it via Google Play once 2.9.6+ is released.