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How to resize the pdf preview pane?

I want to increase the size of pdf preview pane for easy reading. I can resize Note Book and Note List pane. But pdf preview pane is not resizable for some reason. Is it a problem with my setup or this is an expected behavior?

If you toggle layout (Toggle Editor layout / ctrl/cmd + L or this button: image) then the pdf preview within the rendered markdown pane will just scale to the size of your entire window.

I am already using the pdf preview layout and its working great. However I am not able to resize it. In the attached screenshot I have marked 3 numbers out which I can resize 1 and 2 but not 3.

Is this a bug or an expected behavior?

With the markdown editor there are only three options:

  • Editor
  • Viewer
  • Split view

You cannot move the divider between the editor and the viewer, it is always 50:50.
The PDF preview is always in the viewer pane so if you need to make it larger then you need to show only the viewer pane as I mentioned before.

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I guess I am still confused. I just upgraded to 2.6.10 (Ubuntu 20.04) and all went well. In the previous version I was using, 2.2.1, the PDF viewer filled the window - more or less - and now the default size for the viewer is much less than the width of the window ... is there a way to change that? I have looked through all of the options and found nothing. See the image below to see what I mean.

The PDF viewer could be much wider ... and that would make it easier to view the content of the PDF.

Try Options - Appearance - Editor maximum width. Set to 0 and see if that makes things better.

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(See this post: Please read this if you are wondering why there's now a margin on the note text

It's not just the pdf viewer but all the text for better readabilty...)

My thanks to you. That took care of it and I have some egg on my face as I rushed past the note just below that setting when I was looking for a setting to fix the situation. My bad and my thanks for telling me how to fix it anyway :slight_smile:


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