PDFs don't show inline / preview

New user here. I was under the impression that there was a feature to view PDFs in line, or at least as a preview (Windows client). Is this no longer possible? Was it ever possible? Am I missing some check box or ridiculously obvious button that's right in the UI and I'm just not seeing it?

Sidebar question: is it possible to change the location of the sync folder in Dropbox? (I think the answer is no, but it's worth asking just to be sure)

@Jordan welcome to the forum.

There is checkbox for the PDF viewer in Joplin settings under Markdown.

I don't think it is possible. IIRC with Dropbox you do not get to choose and it puts everything in an apps folder.

Thank you! The good news is that I found the check box. The bad news is that it's already checked.

I found the issue: it was the toggle editor layout. The button is inaccessible/grayed out in rich-text mode, and switching to markdown doesn't show the preview. I had to switch to markdown mode, then change the editor toggle.

I had switched out of (default mode) as I would never want to see two copies of my text notes (aka markdown editing plus rendering) as I type. Once I was out of that mode it requires a Myst-like dual-lever hidden game element to get the PDF previews back.

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