How to pop out a note into it's own window/New Joplin user migrating from Evernote

I am not aware of a browser-based version. I use Windows and Android.

Email, links to menu items, and the wasted space. Yes, sounds pretty solid.

I noticed the same thing, any requests just don't go anywhere. So I just lived with V. 7 for all these years and loved it. When support was pulled, that led me here.

Thanks also to everyone in this chat who have helped offer insight to us stumbling migrators lol!


That is fantastic @Wimvan , I've been reading alot and am missing some key import understandings I can tell.

Okay @Wimvan and @others ,

As I understand, Evernote stores it's back-end notes as HTML.
So I assume the ENEX Evernote export is as HTML.

Joplin's back-end is Markdown correct?

So what happens if you import as HTML? It creates an HTLM back-end for your notes?

As far as I understand ENEX is neither html nor markdown and in fact I didn’t care when I migrated from EN to Joplin.

Just try importing enex files as HTML or MARKDOWN with a small notebook or a single file to test it. See what happens. Then decide. You can delete your test data easily before you start your main export/import session.

I’d always recommend to import ENEX-files as markdown, because Joplins preferred format is markdown.

If you already have created new files in Joplin, be sure to backup them by exporting them as JEX before you start to import new notes.

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I'm also a paid evernote customer. Soon to be a migrator. I also miss pop-out-notes. I'm using a product called ksnip (free) to to screen capture & do markups in place of the paid Evernote markup tool.

This tool will negate the need to export each individual notebook from Evernote.

Evernote-Backup Software

All, you can use Evernote Backup to back up your Evernote data even if your not ready to migrate. I run it once per week. It simply adds to data to a local sql light database. This way you can't LOSE all of your evernote notebooks.

Now all we need is pop-out-notes :wink:


I like the idea of being able to create a pop-up window. I have also recently migrated from Evernote...


I just installed an app on my Chromebook Linux partition called Marktext. It's a nice lightweight free open source markdown text editor. I'm hoping to use it with Joplin as a workaround until the software supports native windows.

I'm trying to get Joplin to open it as an external editor because when I choose external editor it opens a program that by default doesn't support markdown format and for the life of me I can't get it to work. I have everything set up the way it's supposed to be and when I click on the button to pop out into the external editor it tries and it thinks that it did but it doesn't actually pop up the window when I set it back to the default it does automatically open the wrong app.

Very frustrated right now.


You're not the only one who uses notes in separate windows, I'm about to switch from Evernote to Joplin and it's one of the features I'm going to miss the most ( See my post "Evernote user since 2011 with a lot of data, I’m considering switching to Joplin but need reassurance" ). I usually always open the notes I'm working on in a new window, and I often have several windows open at the same time: 2-3-4-5...
I will test what is offered (external editors and plugins).

This is a testimony that reassures me :). I would really like to find responsiveness like Evernote legacy. On the other hand, according to @laurent, Joplin will be slow if I sync with Dropbox (because I have a lot of notes)


I've tried importing as HTML and I don't like it. When I imported my Evernote notebooks I used markdown format which is the default format for the editor.

I've been an Evernote customer for about 15 years and a paid customer for the last 10 or so and I am fed up with the high price. I paid $130 for 2024 so I won't be exiting from Evernote until 2025 but I already have a production Joplin database that is hosted on my OneDrive account and I have it syncing with Windows Linux Chrome OS and Android and it works very well I am extremely happy with Joplin. It's not as elaborate as Evernote and I will probably still use Evernote for some things. I purchased a product called snagit for doing the screen captures and marking up screen captures and Joplin has a free server also so if you have the desire and interest you can install your own Joplin server at home.

Truenas has a canned Joplin server installation that you can do at home or in the office for no charge other than the hardware that you use.

I'm also a regular daily Linux user and I appreciate the Joplin Linux desktop app very much. Evernote does not have a Linux desktop app.

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:laughing: I often thought that too

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I'm in the process of importing all my Evernote data and starting to use Joplin.

As expected, I miss the inability to open a note in a separate window. I wonder if I will manage without it :frowning:
I used to open my notes on my two old PC screens which I use vertically, and which are to the right and left of my main screen.

When trying to move Joplin there, I end up with an reduce note:

I will investigate the possibility of using external editors. Unless I'm mistaken, one of those recommended: "Typora", is a paid app.

While waiting for me to test the different solutions proposed, is it possible to display a larger "note" on the Joplin interface? I naturally manually reduced the left pane and the note list, but I also have to switch the editor to have the note at a larger width, and all that is not practical. Are there other possibilities or is external editing the only solution? In Evernote for instance, In addition to the ability to open the notes in a separate window, there is an "Expand Note" button which expands the note across the entire interface, hiding the pane and the notes list.



I am not a heavy user of Joplin, but I was interested in the topic.
My operating system is Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon.
I found MARKTEXT as an alternative to the non open TYPORA. It is available as a flatpak or as an appimage.
I could not run the flatpak from JOPLIN, but the appimage ran right away.
Multiple instances can be enabled under
Files>Preferences>General>Open files in new window:
Select a note and open the editor with CTRL+E

A first plus point for me is that I can copy tables from a spread sheet as a table.
However, I have not yet found how to create a new, empty table in MARKTEXT. But you can do that directly in Joplin.

Nice, I wasn't aware of this software.
I actually don't know... Evernote Legacy stored a copy of everything locally, does Evernote 10 store everythign locally too? Or does it only download as needed (thinking I'd better back things up...)

Man you're full of solid software finds... I'll check that out. I downloaded the famous Typora, and I actually really like it (it feels more native than the built-in Joplin editor somehow...). I'm in the trial period, but I'm suspecting I'll buy it for $15. $15 lifetime isn't bad imo. But Marktext sounds interesting... I'll check that out.
@Holger , download Typora and give that a try. It's not as built-in as all other apps, but it is a work-around (can't speak for Marktext yet, but I'll be giving that a try).

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Wasn't that the strangest thing ever @nonobio ? Reminded me of an abused person, where everyone blames the abused. That Evernote forum is TOXIC. Like a nasty "good 'ol boys club". Used paid EN since 2006ish, and go on there and get trashed by Pink Elephant and his groupies ban those who speak out about it. Weird weird weird.

Sorry for the long post, I took a snowboarding trip last week and just getting back into the swing of things.
So @nonobio , I tried a number of apps. Many people said Obsidian was awesome. It stores everything locally by default, and it does looks awesome, but I just am never feeling "at home in it". So I have it on my computer and tablets, but I find myself rarely using it.
I possibly shouldn't say this in a Joplin forum, but have you tried UpNote? (another suggestion for you too @Holger lol) It natively pops out notes, and feels very native to EN Legacy. It's $29 one time cost or a buck a month, so might as well be free. So far I'm using Joplin more, but it's one I keep fiddling with. You speak of having many notes open at once, just like me. I think using Typora/external editor only allows one, which is just a massive workflow shift for me. But again, the jury is still out for me.

Also, speed of Joplin syncing through DropBox is unknown to me, as I only have a few notebooks migrated so far. So far for changes I make, they sync fast enough :man_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t4:

Yeah I was grandfathered in at $45 per year since I signed up for EN premium in 2006ish. I often thought how I wouldn't pay modern prices.

Being a Mac user, I've drifted over to just using "Command + Shift + 4" to snag my screenshots. I had actually disabled the EN screenshot grabber tool awhile back. Don't know what the Linux/Windows counterpart to that is.

Can you explain this further? So far I just used the Dropbox sync as it's easy, but I suspected I could have pointed the sync system to a local NAS which would be the ultimate local storage system.

And yep on the Linux app. Huge plus.

Fascinating input thank you @Sam_Sung. Very very helpful. Will download Marktext right now that I'm done commenting in here ha ha.

I don't know if I tested it but I think I adopted Joplin :slight_smile:

For now I use MarkText as an external editor. I just tried to open 2 external editions: it's possible from Joplin, on the other hand MarkText displays the two notes in tabs, and I haven't managed to move them to separate windows, but maybe other external editors are capable of this. I tested several editors and kept these in my selection:
Zettlr, Typora, Notepad++ with addon Markdown Panel, Ghostwriter

But I admit that for many uses I am starting to get used to the absence of separate windows, in particular thanks to the Joplin Note Tabs plugin that I was recommended here and on Reddit.

I realize that ultimately the use of separate windows in Evernote was more useful for having quick access to different notes on hand (which is what I do with Note Tabs) than for having several notes at the same time. For this use, occasionally I use an external editor now.

On the other hand, I liked having at least 2 spaces: the list of notebooks and notes on one and the display of notes on the other.

This remains a small problem with Joplin, because I mainly consult my notes on a vertical screen with limited resolution, so I don't have much display space in width. I am therefore forced to collapse the notes list and sidebar panels, especially since I am using the Markdown pane doublet.

But here again I adapt, for example I use CTRL + P fast navigation more and more which often saves me from using the panels.

All that being said, if Joplin ever adds opening notes in a separate window, I'm having a little party :wink:

I have rarely seen such an increase, in one year, my Evernote subscription went from €2.5 per month to almost €9 per month! If it still worked...