How to pop out a note into it's own window/New Joplin user migrating from Evernote

I presume you are asking about truenas and Joplin?

Truenas scale is a Nas server that you can install at home and after you've complete the install there is the option to install application servers and Joplin is one of the servers that you can install.

@nonobio Fascinating.
Soooooo, is it now as fast as EN Legacy now that you have all 27 thousand or whatever your massive note number is?
(You may have said this in the other thread, I'll go read over there too...)

Thank you @LeoW , I'm new to the NAS world, and didn't realize TrueNAS was a server system, and for sure didn't realize they had the Joplin server packaged in there for easy install. Thank you for the extra help :slight_smile:

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I excluded a bookmarks book during the import, which means that in the end, I have about half of the notes and labels indicated, but it's still a lot :wink:

Yes, Joplin is fast most of the time (I have a random problem that happens about once a day but it may not be caused by Joplin): barely a second to create a new note or to display the content of a note when I click in the list.

Around 3s when I switch from one tab to another with the Note Tabs plugin, but that may be due to the plugin :thinking: .

"Quick" navigation (CTRL + P) takes longer, often at least 10 seconds to display results, but sometimes I use other, faster methods to find notes.

In short, I can breathe again thanks to Joplin :slight_smile:

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Well fantastic! So glad to hear that. And thank you for the input on it. I think you have become the "heavy user" we all seek input from :slight_smile:

It is still my main app I'm using. I'm still fiddling with some others, but just going slow. I am a very slow adopter, and I have automatic updates turned off on my phone lol. So when something changes it really throws me (you'd think a Millennial would be more flexible, but oh well...)

I envy you just taking a look, asking some questions, and diving in full-send.

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In reality, I've been thinking about leaving Evernote for weeks, months, or even years, and I've been studying the possible alternatives little by little. I have a comparison table of all the functions I need, and little by little my selection of possible alternatives has been reduced. 1 or 2 months ago, when Evernote started seriously screwing up for me, and at the same time Evernote announced a new increase, increasing my subscription from €2.50 to €9 per month, I looked more carefully at the alternatives. I got a lot of help from the site, a great site for comparing note-taking applications.
I then arrived at a very small selection of which Joplin was part.
That's when I asked a few questions on this forum to reassure myself, and took a deep dive :slight_smile:

So it didn't happen quickly :wink:

But I must say that I am amazed by Joplin, and by its plugins! Every time I test a new plugin I say to myself: omg, it's great! I've only been using it for a few days and that's it, I don't see myself going back to Evernote again. I'm going to stop my subscription today.

Note however that I have not yet activated synchronization...

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I'm running both apps for the rest of this year, and then it's bye bye to paid evernote.

Right now syncing with Onedrive, but I can pay Joplin cloud and still save $10/month!

Like me... I don't do many things quickly...! Takes me forever to make a change.
Well fantastic, I'm so glad it's working out excellently.

I'm running dual apps like you currently @LeoW (or maybe tri-apps), still trying out a couple. Keep coming back to Joplin though.

Still miss the pop out windows though... But maybe down the road...

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You can add an external editor that can open One Note in the window and perhaps there might be a way to open multiple occurrences of this. I'm doing this on Windows and Linux now.

It's nowhere near the same but it's better than nothing. Marktext.

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I got the Typora app. It's slick, but as mentioned, not as slick as natively doing it.

But again, I realize it is a monumental amount of hours, so no judgement in the least. Joplin is an incredible piece of software.

I would absolutely import as directory (faster) and as MD (no useless HTML code cluttering every note when opened in MD editor)

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I've developed a reflex to press F10, F11 to go into "large note mode" (hide the sidebars)

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:+1: Me too, I sometimes even use other fingers at the same time for my other panels :slight_smile:

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