How to pop out a note into it's own window/New Joplin user migrating from Evernote

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Is there a way to pop out a note into it's own window?

I am among the recent numbers migrating here from Evernote disbanding it's Legacy version. V. 10 has double the white space and is very inefficient.

It was normal for me to double click a note to pop it out into it's own window, and work on my note on one half of the screen, and have my data sources/web pages/whatever on the other half of the screen.

But double clicking a note in Joplin does not seem to pop the note out. Is there a button or plugin somewhere I am missing to do this?

Thanks! My first post here, I hope I posted this in the correct place.


Hey @Thomas-Cee, I don't think that popping a note into a separate window is a feature that is available in the core Joplin application yet. I think the closest thing right now would be to use an external editor (like VScode) and have multiple windows side by side.

Interesting!! Wow, I must be the oddball then ha ha! Yeah I noticed the pop out VSCode too, but article writing within VSC is probably out of the cards.

Huh. That must not be a normal use case then? I often have three four five notes open in their own windows at once in EN.

The Note Tabs plug-in might be helpful to you? And welcome to the forum!

Thanks! I tried Note Tabs, and I'll try activating it again, but it didn't pop the note into it's own window it didn't seem.

So oh well. It must just be me lol. Must be an uncommon use case... I'm happy to concede that.

You're right, it doesn't pop a note up in a separate window, just facilitates working on a group of notes by allowing pinning to tabs.

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You can pop out notes into read-only windows with the Joplin Sticky Notes app.

You can also pop out notes related to a search into read-only browser tabs through the Joplin Search Integration browser extension.


Just go to "that" note, and open it in the external editor.
This works if you do NOT specify any external editor in the Joplin settings dialog.
In my case (on macos too), I am using the "Drafts app" from the appstore. Other should work to. But beware this solves the "pop out" problem, you get your external window. Editing the note and returning the updated note to Joplin does not work (yet ?).

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Thank you for the plugins to try, that's a new realm for me.
I'll give them a try.

@ajay, That's another good approach.

Here both the editors Typora and MarkText (now set as my default) have worked well for external editing and saving back changes to Joplin. I don't often use the external editor unless a note has grown over-long and a bit unwieldy, but haven't had any problem. Linux here, but I imagine any plain text or markdown editor should work on Windows just the same?

Any way hope the OP finds something workable from the suggestions.

Okay helpful.

So question to everyone...

Is that not a normal request? If I'm referencing a set of emailed questions, I'd always pop out the email into it's own window and arrange it next to my other work.

Same with Evernote which is where I'm migrating from. It might be an article, a research topic, or whatever. I'd pop the note out, often several related notes and be working with a number of them.

Seems like the average Joplin user hasn't had that in their workflow?

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Old OS X here, but Linux is my next stop. I'm so tired of Mac's anti repair/upgrade directions. Soldered on memory & SSD storage, and serializing parts so you can change them yourself for goodness sake, just doesn't jive with me.

Okay, Typora and MarkText, I'll add those to my notes to try.

Thanks a million!

But the basic functionality to pop a note out, that's not a normal use case apparently?

From all the previous discussions I've seen on the forum about this topic, it seems like it is a common request with many people who are migrating over from other apps like Evernote, and this feature is an integral part of their workflow.


You guys are awesome btw.

May I ask here, or should I create another thread for this question?

What's the best way to import my complete Evernote database? I had the old V. 7 database format where it was completely local on my device, as opposed to primarily living in their cloud (not sure if that makes a difference or not).

Or maybe there's a sticky somewhere that I missed. Don't mean to make you answer questions that have been asked and answered a hundred times.
Screen Shot 2024-03-26 at 1.11.34 PM

Interesting @marlsen . I wonder if it would ever be incorporated into a future Joplin release.

Have no idea how the different objects of the app are linked or tied together...

EDIT: At least I'm not completely nuts. Well my wife and kids think I am, but that's expected I guess lol.

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I'm actually working on a proposal that aims to add this feature to Joplin. We could have this feature in a future release if it gets accepted. :smiley:


You're my new best friend ha ha!! Epic!!

I try not to be a stick-in-the-mud, but it's so hard to replicate the speed of a local-data-based app like Joplin, to the cloud based Electron setup Evernote 10 went to. I was like, "just suck it up. Things change, it's not a big deal".

Then used Joplin again, and it's just so quick and instantaneous. Like Evernote 7 was (which as of two days ago is no longer supported).

I never regret going open source, so this is probably a move I should have done years ago.

EDIT: Is Joplin Electron based though? Or do they produce a local app and a browser based version?

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I wish I had found Joplin when I started looking for an Evernote replacement last year!

The speed of Evernote 10 doesn't bother me, it's the features I uses in Evernote Legacy that were lost in the (so-called) upgrade to v. 10!


Hey John! Fellow migrator from EN and the infamous beloved by mods PinkElephant ha ha!

Interesting... Because I'm curious and I'm learning now too, what features did you lose in EN V. 10 that you had in V. 7? I just can't get over the formatting in V. 10 which is so strange somehow, the unbelievable amounts of wasted app space, and yeah, I guess the app slowness really gets me...

EDIT: I'm still not sure John how you migrated all your notes. I see "export a single note" in EN, and the various import options in Joplin (and I've gathered that ENEX is best, but there are 4 ENEX options ha ha)

So so far, I'm just creating new content in Joplin, and referenceing old content in depreciated EN V. 7.

Hey there Thomas!

Ah yes, Pink Elephant. I think he works for Evernote !

I saved Email threads from Outlook to Evernote nearly every day. Evernote Legacy also allowed us to add links to menu items we use constantly just under the menu. I used that every day also.

The wasted space in EN 10 drove me crazy. As did the links to calendars: never saw the need for that!

Way back in the beta for the new Evernote (2020 sometime), I made a list of features and functions that the new Evernote should have. Dozens of beta testers agreed with me. Evernote product management didn't!