How to migrate and link local Joplin to Joplin Cloud

I use Joplin Client on Linux Mint V.20.03
Joplin 2.5.12 (prod, linux)
Sync-Version: 3, Profil-Version: 39 Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Nein
Revision: 884b86f
on a local Joplin Server running under Docker.

I would like to migrate my data to joplin Cloud.
Is there a description available how to migrate without loosing data?
How can I check the Volume of all my data, that I can choose the right plan for Joplin Cloud?
Can I link the Joplin Cloud with my local Server, to have a local backup?

Thank you in advance
rgds Schwabenheinz

  1. Of course first create a backup (e. g. export to JEX file), then switch the sync target to Joplin Cloud and immediately press Re-upload local data to sync target.
  2. Don't know an answer to this one unfortunately...
  3. No, this is not possible. For a local backup of your data you can use the Simple Backup plugin.

Best regards

I suppose in most cases attachments contribute the most to the size of your profile. Compared to them, the size of notes is probably negligible.

If you don't use encryption you can see the total size of your attachments by looking at ~/config/joplin-desktop/resources

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