Process to move to Joplin Cloud from Nextcloud

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  • The version you are using.2.6.10
  • The operating system you are using.Windows 10

I want to move to Joplin Cloud from a Cloudamo Nextcloud host which is just used for syncing.
What is the process to go through so that I do not loose any data!!

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  1. Make sure you synced all your devices to your current sync target
  2. Make a Jex backup of all notes just in case
  3. Change the sync target to Joplin Cloud, fill your credentials
  4. Tools > Options > Synchronisation > Show advanced settings > Re-Upload local data to sync target
  5. Wait patiently till the process is complete
  6. On mobile:
    6.1 if you got time, better to reinstall the mobile apps to start clean and resync from Joplin Cloud
    6.2 If you want to finish as quick as possible then just change the sync target to Joplin Cloud. (I hope you didn't skip step number 1, did you?)

Enjoy :relieved:


That's great. Thanks for your quick reply.

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