Still no notification

I have now installed the latest version (2.10.6). Some time ago I reported a problem with the notification here in the forum. I was able to post the error message. The new version still has the problem that set alarms are not triggered and you do not receive a notification as a result. But this time there is no error message in the log of the app. What can I do?

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Just for the sake of traceability, here is the old issue:


Update to version 2.10.8: The problem persists.

What OS? And provide the log: How to enable debugging | Joplin

I use app version 2.10.8 and Android version 13.
This time, however, no errors are displayed in the log.
syncReport-1677612767217.txt (850.0 KB)

Can confirm that notifications do not work anymore. App version 2.10.8 and Android 13.


Thank you for your confirmation.

Version 2.11.22: Error still exists.

I'm really enjoying Joplin but I have come across this issue on Android. I'm wondering if there is a fix. It works great on Windows.

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Hello, actually everything works for me again with version 2.11.32. I'm really very happy about that.

For me the notification would only appear if I open the Joplin app.

Do you allow background processes for the app? And it is best to turn off energy saving.

I disabled battery optimisation. I'm not sure of a way to force it to run in the background unless there is a setting in the app I am missing?