How to insert an empty line

For now I found this as a solution to insert one or more blank lines.
< div style="color: white;">|< /div>
But in my eyes to looks a little bit like tinkering. :wink:

If you want, maybe using <br/> is a better choice

This looks good. I tried <br> instead of <br/> until now, with them I had the problems.
They have gone after reloading, looks like <br/> works better.

You can use the Table formatter plugin.

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You only target the table, but prettier can format the entire markdown file

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What else is there to format?

CalebJohn has suggested integrating with prettier (or some other similar tool) as a next step for that plugin but I haven't had time to look into this yet.


The code formatting of other languages ​​in the code block is a huge project, and it is recommended to use prettier.

I don't think code formatting is necessary, since this is a note app and not a coding app.

Maybe it’s because I don’t use Joplin’s GUI, so I just mention it a little bit, and it’s not profitable.

In contrast, I may be more concerned about the support of non-English languages ​​by joplin's search engine, and maybe sometime later (when the number of my notes is too much) I have to try to optimize the search engine

I have to admit, I didn't read every single argument above. But here is my 2 bits.

If you need several lines, the only solution is to use an external editor - Joplin supports it.
If one empty line (between paragraphs) is enough, the wysiwyg editor does well what you need in adding (a little) extra space between paragraphs (see example below). This extra space only becomes visible after you switched to another note and back.
If you need more empty lines AND you don't like using a bullet lists or the "horizontal line" command, you can add alt-7 at the beginning of each empty line, and it looks as if you were using MS Word.

Hope this helps a little.

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 10.39.23 AM|690x420

Good morning @ajay :

Excuse my ignorance ... What do you mean by adding "Alt-7 the beginning of each empty line"?

try it, after line feed just type alt-7 (or option-7), it will insert this special char : ¶
(I hope it shows here on the website)

It seems like this would be a really simple fix in the WYSIWYG rich text editor. A blank line should populate <br> in the HTML. Overall, the product is really good and works for all my needs, but not being able to ad a blank line without editing the HTML text is a show stopper.
Has anyone else found a work around? Are others using different editors as a plug in? Templates?
I am only a few days in and I've transferred a few hundred notes into Joplin, but the lack of blank spaces is crazy frustrating.

Good afternoon everyone:

The solution that "ajay" offers us works as a workaround and I thank him for his response.

Also, we kindly ask the Joplin developers to offer us a solution and allow us to add blank lines while using the WYSIWYG editor.

How exactly insert this (ALT+7) ?

Having recently moved over from Evernote (and loving Joplin in general) this is the one thing that is frustrating. I use the WYSIWYG editor and would be great if enter or a simple key combination like shift+enter or ctrl+enter added a new line (ie added <br> in the markdown)

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There’s an open issue for this: Selecting 'enter' does not Create Line Break [WYSIWYG editor] · Issue #6055 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub