Be able to add blank lines in WYSIWYG editor

I would love to be able to add blank lines anywhere via the WYSIWYG editor and have them persist as part of the document. Documents feel "cramped" to me if I'm not able to add the occasional blank line. I understand that blank lines aren't exactly supported by markdown so this would likely be a WYSIWYG-only feature, and that's fine. I am able to add blank lines in the markdown with "<br>" but oddly, these disappear after switching between code/markdown and WYSIWYG modes.

I'm currently using pre-release version 1.2.4 on Mac. Also using that version on windows.

PS - other than the inability to create spaces, I'm very happy with the WYSIWYG editor so far. I'm not keen on editing markdown and then seeing a static rendering, I love being able to make inline changes in the WYSIWYG editor. I'm using Joplin as a replacement for OneNote and it's fantastic!


Yes, being able to add blank lines is important.
I have no interest in using Markdown when I add/write notes to Joplin. However, I do use it to correct or fix editing when I must. This type of design- using a WYSIWYG GUI is what made Corel WordPerfect (word processor) so much better than Word or any other software years ago for documents with complex layout-- you could turn on "reveal codes" in WordPerfect and examine the editing markup codes and fix anything. This is the reason WordPerfect is still used today.

Being able to add blank spaces in the WYSIWYG editor is one very useful step