How to enjoy Joplin on Kindle Fire HD 8

Hi everybody,

I've just discovered Joplin and am to give up Evernote for it.

It meets my requirements on Windows 10.

However I would like to use it on my Kindle Fire HD 8.

Can someone give me directions to do so? Many thanks in advance.

Happy New Year to everybody.


What FireOS version are you running? AFAIK it is possible to install the Google Play Store on a Kindle Fire HD, in which case you can just install it from the Store.
Or you can also sideload .apk files, which can be found here

The only problem is that if the OS is too old, Joplin might not run on it.

Thanks Tessus.

I followed your suggestion.
I was able to install Play Store on my Fire HD 8. But Google keeps declining my IDs (while they work on my PC) even though I tried to create a brand new one from my tablet, so I cannot connect to Google Play Store from my Fire HD 8 tablet.

I found a workout by doing the following:

1/ For highlights in Kindle books I recover them on my PC using the Amazon feature for them, then I leverage them as wanted.

2/ For text within web pages (or the whole web pages) of interest I share them by email to me. I can next get them in my email and I leverage them as wanted.

So my problem is solved while I cannot use Joplin on my tablet.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Take care.


How about installing (sideloading) the apk directly?


Update: I had to update the links, since I originally included links to an older release.

Thanks for the idea. Now I'm on my PC. How do you suggest me to use the APK file? First download it onto my PC, next transfer it on my tablet? And where to on the tablet?

Once you have the setting enabled that allows you to install non-play store apps, you can think of installing .apk files as no different from how you installed Joplin on Windows - think of it like Android's version of an installer .exe file.

Thanks, but actually Google Play Store seems to be installed on my Fire. The issue is about my Google IDs (which again work on my PC) are constantly rejected by Google servers.

Thanks anyway for trying to help.


This is why @Daeraxa gave you the answer to your questions above.

Forget the Google Play Store. Click on the link and follow the steps and you are done.

Thanks for your constant help. But it does not work. I suspect this is a free space issue since in my Fire's Settings I can see that no system update can be downloaded due to insufficient available space. I will try to solve this issue and afterward I will retry the above suggested steps.
Now going to have a break. See you later but not necessarily today or tomorrow.


is it possible to get updated links as those no longer work/sync with the latest joplin on my Kindle Fire?

The latest releases are all there: